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Eboni Caldwell

Clothing Designer, Author, Certified Empowerment Coach, Professional Speaker, Personal Hype Girl, Green Smoothie Girl, Backup Dancer, and Serial Entrepreneur





Mission Statement

Productive and Prosper-Us Empowerment Coaching is designed to motivate and empower women to live according to their highest potential. Our uniquely customized  programs utilize the 4 core self values: Self-love, Self-Care, Self-Worth, and Self-Affirm to achieve these powerful manifestations of human capability.  Learning, understanding, & practicing these 4 self values in everyday life will catapult the individual into the best version of themselves.  Eboni is an advocate of speaking life into oneself and others.

Eboni Caldwell is a Bright Beacon of Light! She is a mother of identical twin young men. She is a clothing designer, backup dancer, green smoothie girl, serial entrepreneur, and personal hype girl. She is the
Owner/Founder of Productive & Prosper-Us Empowerment, LLC. She is a Professional, Motivational, &
Keynote Speaker.   She’s also a Certified Life Coach that focuses on Self Improvement and Self
Awareness. Not only does Eboni have her certification in Coaching, but she also has her certification from Life’s trials and tribulations. She speaks from experience. Eboni has overcome domestic abuse,
homelessness twice, marriage, and divorce. She has experienced the dark and now chooses to walk in
the light. Eboni has experienced and welcomed mental, emotional, and spiritual growth during her journey. She has become aligned with the Most High, Her SELF, and her Soul’s Purpose. With this, she
created Productive & Prosper-Us Empowerment to help others do the same. It stems from an African
Proverb “Reach One, Teach One”!
Productive & Prosper-Us Empowerment assists others to fill their cups to the brim so they can graciously pour into others. To Love who they are now and adore who they are BECOMING! When a
person has forgiven, healed, developed a healthy wellbeing, accepted and acknowledge their genius,
they will become great teachers to whomever needs it. Productive & Prosper-Us Empowerment
focuses on 4 self-core values; Self-Love, Self-Care, Self-Worth, and Self-Affirm. By learning,
understanding, and practicing these 4 values in a person’s everyday life, will catapult them into the Best Version of Themselves! Eboni is an advocate of speaking life into oneself and others. She has created an
Inspirational Apparel Clothing Line (coming soon) to help keep others at their highest level of positive energy and frequency. She believes that it is a person’s Divine right to live abundantly and walk in their Greatness! Eboni Caldwell is wrapped in gratitude knowing she is making a difference in people’s lives.
Eboni has successfully lost over 50 lbs and kept it off, with a natural detox and clean eating!
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